Monday, August 8, 2011

2139# Tips On Re-Planting 忧遁草

Tips On Re-Planting 憂遁草or优顿草/Clinathanus/Sabah Snake Grass   

  发表于 15-4-2011 05:45 PM   孙秀金=

Tips On Re-Planting 憂遁草or优顿草/Clinathanus/Sabah Snake Grass

Due to high volume of request, the plant that I have is currently running low. 
To those who wish to get this plant from me and RE-SELL it to others people. I'm willing to sell it at RM30,000 Per 100 Grams. 

Tips on how to re-plant SSG or Clinathanus.
- Cutting the branch into about 7CM - 9CM long.
- Both of the branch side should be in clean or sharp shape.
- Plant it into a vase first.
- (Optional) Move it into the ground when it grows about 7 - 8 Inches in height with leaves.
- Make sure suitable soil in order for the plant to grow faster and healthy.
- Remember to pour waters at least twice a day (sufficient amount only).
- You will see the plant re-grow the leaves only after about 5-7 days time.