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要鮮葉,郵費問了麻煩通知我 ~~ 梁教授目前他的做的實驗已近告一段落了。


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Scientific Tests on Clinacanthus nutans or

Sabah Snake Grass(SSG)

The Sabah snake grass or Clinacanthus nutans 忧遁草has beenused traditionally in Thailand for treatments of snake bites, skin rashes,herpes simplex virus and varicella-zoser virus lesions. The success records ofthe grass against these illnesses has brought up several heated debates onwhether does the grass really works or it was just pure coincident.
To clear the air, the Department of Medical Science Ministry of Public Healthof Thailand decided to conduct detailed scientific tests on the grass to findout it has contributed so uniquely in the healing process.
The final results of the tests showed that the antiviral chlorophyll a andchlorophyll b related
compounds from Sabah snake grass played an important part in healing of herpesinfections.

Here is the full reports on the test, but it is very technical and notso easily understood by layman.
The Sabah snake grass has been scientifically tested for its medical values.

full reports


在这份报告关于antioxidant activity的资料里,有研究显示忧遁草是很好的抗氧化剂,应该不止是绿茶的十分一。请参考。
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