Friday, December 16, 2011

286# 喝了草汁癌指数上升速度缓慢了


Soek Wai Wong
My mum's report out. B4 taken SSG, CA 153 increased 500+ a mth and she was took chemo tablet that time. After stopped the tablet and taking SSG a month, the proportionate of increasing is 100+., 2200+but CA 125 is from 25 to 50+?? can it say a good sign? Anyway, no harm to take SSG, will continue...
Blessing and looking forward... 加油
Friday at 6:04pm ·
Mey Wong
At least need to take two months monitor. SSG will definitely help!
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my my mum CA125 increase 300++ every month after 复发 (from 100 --> 300--> 900) but only increase from 1100 until 1200 within 2 months after taking 200 pc 忧遁草 a day.. increase slower compare to before...
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