Thursday, May 17, 2012

想增些重量 --> Prosure - cancer patient 的奶粉

吃着优遁草可以喝那些Weight Gain的产品吗??

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Prosure, cancer patient 的奶粉, Orange Flavor 的不错。。。 在watson都买得到的。。 
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ansure / prosure 专门研制给癌友的奶粉就可以喝,帮助补充所需要的营养。。


prosure 的价钱比ansure贵,如果经济不允许,那么就两种奶粉交替喝吧。。

记得开关后要在两个星期内喝完,每次 9 汤匙 + 水喝 (如果我没有记错的话)。。。

在pharmacy (Guardian / Watson ) 都买得到。。

ProSure is different from other nutritional supplements

because it is the only specialized patented nutritional product
containing EPA*, an omega-3 fatty acid derived from fish oil, clinically
shown to
promote weight gain and improve quality of life in patients with cancer. ProSure is formulated specifically to reverse involuntary weight loss associated with cancer. It has been tested and validated in clinical trials. Drinking ProSure daily as part of overall care was shown to improve appetite and dietary intake, promote weight gain, help build muscle, increase physical activity, improve quality of life, and increase strength in those who gained weight..

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