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Prosure FAQ

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How much ProSure should I drink each day?
Two servings of ProSure per day are recommended toobtainthe optimal level of 2g of the omega-3 fatty acid EPA per day. Studiesshowthat 2g of EPA addresses the metabolic changes that cause cancer-inducedweightloss.

Is there a recommended length of time that people shouldconsumeProSure?
Regaining weight and building muscle takes time. Allowatleast 3 to 4 weeks to see progress. Consult your healthcare professional toseehow long you should use ProSure. Use ProSure under healthcareprofessionalsupervision.

Does ProSure have any side effects?
No side effects to using ProSure are known.

Is ProSure suitable for children with cancer?
The decision to use ProSure for any child with cancershouldbe left to the child's healthcare professional. Use with caution inchildrenunder 10 years.

Can people with cancer who are overweight use ProSure?
Yes. Loss of lean body mass results in poor outcomesforpeople of all body sizes. Though it is sometimes difficult to see loss ofleanbody mass in an overweight patient, anyone who has cancer and has lostweightmay benefit from ProSure.

Can people with cancer who have diabetes use ProSure?
Yes, the decision to use ProSure in people with cancerwhohave diabetes should be made by a healthcare professional. ProSure contains48g of total carbohydrate per 240 ml serving, 7 g of which come fromsugar(sucrose). As with any change in dietary intake, oral supplementationcanaffect blood glucose levels. Blood glucose monitoring should be continued onaregular basis to make sure blood glucose control is maintained.

If you have diabetes and useexchanges to plan your meals,use one set of the following exchanges for eachserving of ProSure:
3 starch and 2meat (lean) or
2½ starch, 1milk (nonfat), and 1 fat

Is ProSure safe for people with seafood allergies?
Yes, no allergies to the sardine oil in ProSure havebeenreported. Individuals who are allergic to crustaceans, such as crabsandshrimp, are unlikely to have an allergic reaction to ProSure. People whoareallergic to other fish should consult their healthcare professional foradvice.

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