Wednesday, September 4, 2013


三、 要如何吃,才能吃到马草的營養?
1. 不能用高速的絞汁機,經證實研究,只要超過900轉和50℃以上,就會破壞葉綠素和多種維生素。
2. 马草汁以現絞現喝最好,马草經絞汁後,他的養分會隨時間的增長而慢慢流失(氧化的關係),所以盡可能現絞現喝,效果會最好。

3, how to eat, to eat the grass nutrition?
Why do some people eat horse grass work well and some are not obvious, this has something to do with eating method is:

1. Can't use high-speed wring juice machine, confirmed, as long as more than 900 RPM and 50 ℃, will destroy the chlorophyll and a variety of vitamins.
2. The horse grass juice to heave to drink now now, best horse grass after wring juice, he will slowly increases with the increase of time nutrient loss (oxide), so now ground now drink as much as possible, the effect will be the best.